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If you would like to report internet abuse, select an option below to begin your report. Please provide the required details so that our team can research your complaint.

AsiaRegister has been fighting phishing, botnet, malware, and other forms of abuse for more than 20 years and we have robust procedures and tools in place to help prevent and mitigate such attacks. Specifically, our team utilizes advanced technologies and collaborates with security companies and independent experts, law enforcement and other government agencies, and industry working groups to combat this type of abuse. Our Universal Terms of Service precludes customers from using our services for phishing, malware and related abuse and gives us broad discretion for taking action.

* For abuse reports by law enforcement, consumer protection, quasi-governmental or other similar authorities, please email

If you have a question or problem with our service please contact, your reports will be tracked using our ticket system

if AsiaRegister is not the Registrar or hosting provider, it may not be able to respond to this allegation. Please take steps to ensure that you are contacting the appropriate party in regards to this complaint.
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